Chae Skincare Regimen - 4 simple steps for all skin types

Chaé Skincare Regimen – 4 Simple Steps for all skin types


Cleanse skin twice a day…Night cleansing is vital for removing makeup, dead skin, excess oil, sweat and daily toxins. Morning cleansing promotes optimal uptake of moisturizers and nutrients. Massage a small amount of cleanser onto the skin with light circular motions. Rinse or remove with a warm, damp washcloth.

Recommended Chaé Products:

  • NuClarity is a creamy, nourishing cleanser that deep cleans yet doesn't strip or dry the skin. It is ideal for oily skin, normal skin and dry skin.
  • Cleansing Waffles are a fast and easy way to cleanse with just a few wipes of a pre-moistened pad.
  • Foaming Cleanser provides a puff of foam for pure and easy cleaning.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, helps circulation, and preps your skin for serums and moisturizing. Replacing your cleanser with exfoliation several times a week is the best way to create healthy, vibrant skin. Simply apply an exfoliator to your skin and leave it on for several minutes as a mask. Next, add water and gently, yet firmly massage the skin with moistened fingers. Tip: keep skin moist so your fingers slide across the skin avoiding pulling or stretching.

Recommended Chaé Products:

  • Açai Polishing Complex is a nutrient-rich, exfoliating complex formulated to lift away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, healthy skin beneath. It is gentle enough for fragile skin yet strong enough to remove the old so your best skin is always its best. It can be applied as a mask, then used as a scrub.
  • Bamboo Scrub deep cleanses and leaves your skin soft and smooth. Use on face or all over body.


Mist after cleansing/exfoliating to add moisture and nourishment to optimize skin for the next step. Hold bottle 12-18” from face and spray lightly (drenching is not necessary). Serum or Moisturizer can immediately follow. Mist again any time during the day for a renewing boost.

Recommended Chaé Products:

  • Neroli Mist is formulated with flowers, fruits and essential oils to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and support skin renewal through the release of old cells and growth of new skin. Neroli blossoms are known to uplift one’s feelings while brightening and rejuvenating skin.
  • OxyPlus Mist provides a dose of stabilized oxygen. Not only does it refresh your skin, it tackles almost all microbes. See the efficacy chart provided on the product page on our website.


Serums are formulated to be sheer and penetrate to the deepest skin cell layers, including the “mother cell,” which stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Serums are meant to be applied under moisturizers. Chaé products have several options with multifaceted treatments customized to your skin condition. The optimal treatment may be a different serum / moisturizer in the morning versus evening.

Recommended Chaé Products:

  • Perfection Serum is a lightweight formula perfect for morning application. This product promotes even skin tone by assisting to mitigate dark spots caused by chemical damage, aging or blemishes. It provides Vitamin C protection against environmental stressors.
  • Infusion Advanced is our top-selling serum to quickly improve the appearance of your skin while providing deep moisturization. It contains clinically proven ingredients to mitigate the negative effects of cortisol. Enjoy reducing the look of skin with reduced stress. It glows.
  • NuAge is packed with multipurpose anti-aging actives backed with clinical trials. It is a functional serum
    for skin over 55.
  • Eracer for those problem areas or skin types that suffer from skin trying to be healthy. It provides the tools the skin needs to recover and be clear and blemish-free.


After applying your preferred serum, follow with a Chaé moisturizer designed to release active nutrients slowly while maintaining protection on the skin’s surface. Our formulas are designed to provide superior moisturization for long-lasting performance for up to 12 to 14 hours.

Recommended Chaé Products:

  • Argan Gold is rich in nutrients that help the skin heal itself. This outstanding moisturizer is ideal for all skin types and optimal for oily skin.
  • CoQ10 Moisturizer promotes skin energy and moisture retention with hyaluronic acid. When skin gets tired (as it ages), this rejuvenating complex renews and sustains.
  • G-Force (being rebranded) delivers glutathione to more than skin cells. This master antioxidant yields wonders topically and more for ageless health and beauty. Use at night as a night cream in place of Argan or CoQ10.
  • Eye Cream adds a boost to the eye area to help reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

Why Chaé Organics Products Work So Well

Many cosmetics bind ingredients together with emulsifiers that have been known to contain toxins. These soap-based emulsifiers can actually dry your skin out. The other emulsifiers are even more dangerous to your health as they are ethoxylated compounds with innocent names such as PEG, MEA, DEA, TEA, etc.

The Chaé micelle system uses olive-based ingredients, which essentially wrap the oils inside water “micelles” to
form a lotion/cream. We also use Carthamus Tinctorious (Safflower) Oleosomes, a ToxicFree® plant-derived natural liposome that binds to oil and water. Safflower oil and safflower protein molecules make extraordinarily mild, emulsifier-free, cold-process serums, lotions, and creams. Chaé Organics Oleosome and Micelle systems create unprecedented Serums and Moisturizers to give you Radiant Skin and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not using unnecessary chemicals.

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