Survey Week 4

As you conclude the trial of our new INFUSION Advanced Serum, we are excited to hear your feedback and understand all the benefits you have experienced.  While positive feedback is always welcome, we’d like to be made aware of any challenges you have experienced with the packaging or lack of results with this serum formula.

Use the survey form for any questions, or comments you may have.  You also can send your questions/comments direct to  Your email inquiries are forwarded directly to me.

Based on feedback we’ve received, we have made some minor revisions to the formula:

  • The formula will be slightly thicker to eliminate the need to shake the bottle prior to using.
  • The packaging will be in the same blue bottle but it will have a pump instead of the dropper.

We would like to invite you to give us more feedback on our revised formula.  If you complete the week 4 survey before the end of the year, we will send you a bottle of INFUSION v2.  We expect to ship this bottle to you in late December / early January. We would be grateful to hear your thoughts in a survey that will be titled:


Use the above link when you are ready to give feedback on the V2 INFUSION Advanced Serum.