We are pleased to hear all of your feedback. Also, we thought you might be interested to hear some answers to two of the questions:

What were your key takeaways from using this product?

Loved how soft it made my skin.

I have combination and acne-prone skin caused by stress and hormone imbalance.

This is the first product that I have tried that has actually helped clear my blemishes and keep them away.

Apply face moisturizer about 10 minutes after you use infusion serum, this gives the product time to dry and work

I love the scent, so take a moment to enjoy the smell. This product is delicate and absorbs quickly so I found that applying small amounts to each area of the face worked best.

I love everything about it The only complaint if it is one, the serum is on the outside of the application dropper and is a little messy but I just rub the applicator on my hands before applying to my face

In what way was the serum transformational, or what result didn't it produce that you were hoping for?

It helped to retain moisture without breaking me out, even my skin tone, reduced inflammation from blemishes I had making them heal faster and helped to keep new blemishes from occurring.

I have noticed great reduction in oily skin and a great reduction in my eyes and eye wrinkles.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but I recently made a decision to meditate daily and be more positive with words and thoughts. I wouldn't have made this connection until this question.

It has helped reduce any new breakouts, made by skin soft and my skin flow.

My skin was immediately loving this serum I’m looking much younger than my age.