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The Guide to Celebrating Earth Day 2023 with Chaé Organics

What is Earth Day and its History?

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd to raise awareness and appreciation for the environment. It is a day to reflect on the importance of protecting our planet, and to take action in making it a better place. The history of Earth Day dates back to 1970 when Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson organized the first nationwide environmental demonstration in response to an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

Since then, Earth Day has become a global event with millions of people taking part in activities such as tree planting, beach cleanups, and other environmental initiatives. As we observe Earth Day this year, let us remember why it is so important and strive to make our planet and ourselves healthier.

Peter Cohen of the University of Colorado leading 260 cyclists in the "Bike Hunt" -1970
Peter Cohen of the University of Colorado leading 260 cyclists in the "Bike Hunt" -1970
In NYC's Union Square, girls planting flowers, April 22, 1970 for Earth Day
In NYC's Union Square, girls planting flowers, April 22, 1970 for Earth Day
  • 1970: The first Earth Day mobilizes 20 million Americans to call for increased protections for our planet
  • 1990: Earth Day goes global, mobilizing 200 million people in 141 countries
  • 2000: Earth Day leverages the power of digital media to build millions of local conversations across more than 180 countries
  • 2010: Earth Day Network launches A Billion Acts of Green® and The Canopy Project. Earth Day 2010 engages 75,000 global partners in 192 countries
  • 2020: Earth Day 2020 marked 50 years with global activations that aim to mobilize a billion people worldwide for transformative action for our planet

The Different Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a special day that we can use to celebrate and honor ourselves and the planet we live on. It is an opportunity to learn about the environment, raise awareness of ToxicFree®️ living, and take action to protect our planet and ourselves from harm.

What to Plant in Your Garden During November

Let’s celebrate Earth Day by making a commitment to adopt green activities and healthy habits that will benefit our planet, ourselves, and our loved ones. From planting trees to using non-synthetic products, there are many different ways you can celebrate Earth Day and make a positive difference for you and the environment

  • Go for a walk
  • Ride your Bicycle
  • Tend your Garden
  • Clean up litter in your neighborhood
  • Conserve Water
  • Buy Local fruits and veggies
  • Shop Organic Products
  • Spread Awareness
  • Swap out your Household Cleaning Products
  • Get your kids involved

The Benefits of Going Organic on Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to start transitioning to organic products. Organic products are grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which can help protect our environment from chemical runoff and pollution. Additionally, organic farming practices help reduce soil erosion, conserve water, and promote biodiversity. By going organic on Earth Day, you can make a positive impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and supporting eco-friendly products. Not only will you be helping the planet, but you will also be investing in healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. Going organic is a great way to show your commitment to sustainability, healthier life choices, and environmental protection!

Benefits of going Organic | Organic, Organic lifestyle, Lifestyle meaning

Tips for Shopping for Organic Products on Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to start making eco-friendly and healthy choices when it comes to shopping. Shopping for organic products is an important way to reduce our environmental impact and support sustainable agriculture. Here are tips for shopping for organic products on Earth Day that will help you make more sustainable choices when you shop. From choosing natural products over synthetic ones to looking for local and in-season produce, knowing what to look for can help you make a difference this Earth Day.

Natural Vs Organic Vs Conventional

Natural and organic products have become increasingly popular over the last few years, but what is the difference between them? Natural products are made from ingredients found in nature, while organic products are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals. Both types of products offer consumers a healthier alternative to traditional processed ingredients, but there are some key differences that make one better than the other.

Organic Farming vs. Conventional Farming – Red Lion Organic Farms

Look for the Certified ToxicFree Label

Did you know that a company can call its finished product "organic" or "natural" if it contains just one ingredient that is in fact organic or natural? That's why the ToxicFree Foundation has taken the initiative to examine and certify products as 100% toxic-free.

Through extensive research, we are finding many products contain toxic ingredients that go on into our bodies every day and then are passed onto our environment with toxic consequences. Through on-going public education, increased research, and diligent corporate and government oversight, we look forward to ToxicFree Lives and a ToxicFree World.

As consumers, we’ve been conditioned to think that all products that are labeled natural or organic have been regulated and verified, but this is not the case for many products. In today’s marketplace, it’s getting harder and harder to identify the companies that are genuinely dedicated to putting public health before private profit. This is why it is so important to look for the ToxicFree Certification Label when searching for products.

Effects Of Endocrine Disruptors On The Environment

In wildlife, endocrine disruptors have been clearly shown to cause abnormalities and impaired reproductive performance in some species, and to be associated with changes in immunity and behavior and skeletal deformities.

In humans, endocrine disruptors have been suggested as being responsible for apparent changes seen in human health patterns over recent decades. These include declining sperm counts in some geographical regions, increased incidences in the number of male children born with genital malformations, and increases in incidences of certain types of cancer that are known to be sensitive to hormones. More controversially, links have been suggested with impairment in neural development and sexual behavior.

Source: Overview of Endocrine Disruption | US EPA

Many Fragrances Are Boosting Air Pollution

Perfumes, hairsprays, and deodorants pollute the environment much like car emissions.

Studies have shown that scented products emit the same level of chemical vapours as petroleum emissions from cars in the form of ‘volatile organic compounds’ (VOCs). These interact with other particles in the air to produce harmful ozone and a type of pollution known as PM2.5, which is very bad for our lungs.  WHO estimates that 7 million die each year from air pollution.

Many cosmetic products are made in foreign countries and need to be transported overseas - leaving a large carbon footprint too. These carbon emissions speed up the processes of global warming and pose risks to our health.

Chaé Organics is FRAGRANCE-FREE

Chaé Manufacturing is also certified ToxicFree and provides fragrance-free / toxic chemical-free products to large and small companies all over the world.  Becoming an expert at formulating and manufacturing high-end products with only plant-based and organic ingredients is a skill very few manufacturing labs can offer.

"Invest in our Planet" - The Theme for Earth Day 2023, the global organizer of Earth Day and the largest recruiter of environmental movements worldwide, announced today the theme for Earth Day 2023 – “Invest in Our Planet.”

“In 2023 we must come together again in partnership for the planet. Businesses, governments, and civil society are equally responsible for taking action against the climate crisis and lighting the spark to accelerate change towards a green, prosperous, and equitable future. We must join together in our fight for the green revolution, and for the health of future generations. The time is now to Invest In Our Planet,” - Kathleen Rogers, President,
Play It Green | Earth Month: What Does 'Invest in Our Planet' Really Mean?

  • Businesses, inventors, investors, and financial markets must drive value for their institutions and society through green innovation and practices. Like other economic revolutions, the private sector has the power to drive the most significant change, with both the necessary scale and speed.
  • Governments must incentivize their citizens, businesses, and institutions to create and innovate, advancing the public’s interests and creating the framework for an equitable and sustainable global economic system.
  • Individual citizens must push for sustainable solutions across the board as voters and consumers. Climate change mitigation, restoration, and adaption require the collective will and voice of the people to make the change the planet needs.
  • Like the industrial, space, and information revolutions of the past, all sectors of society can and must play major roles in the green revolution – this time with existential responsibilities to get it right. Together, we must invest in our planet.


Support Organizations that are Working Towards Environmental Conservation & Protection

In the current world, it is important to recognize and support organizations that are working towards environmental conservation and protection for the bettering of our health and planet. These organizations are dedicated to protecting the planet, animals, and people from the effects of environmental threats. They strive to raise awareness about environmental and health issues and promote sustainable practices that can help reduce the impact of human activities on the environment and to our health.

Since 1996, the Leaping Bunny Program, operated by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics in the US and Canada, has been connecting compassionate consumers to cruelty-free companies under its Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals. Companies must pledge to end animal testing at all stages of product development in addition to recommitting to the program annually and being open to third party audits.

The ToxicFree®️ Foundation is a private non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the toxic ingredients in personal care, cosmetics, household cleaning products, and more. ToxicFree®️ Certified products are manufactured sustainably, safe for the environment, and contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and from the earth.’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Growing out of the first Earth Day in 1970, is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 150,000 partners in over 192 countries to drive positive action for our planet.

The Sunrise Movement is a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. They're building a large following of young people to make organic sustainability an urgent priority across America

Our Top Organic Products to Try this Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to make a conscious effort to go organic and ToxicFree®️. And what better way to do that than by shopping for organic products? From eco-friendly beauty products to organic food items, there are plenty of options available online that will help you go green and support sustainable practices.

From eco-friendly gifts online to environmentally friendly beauty products, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas for celebrating the planet and making healthier choices for you and the environment.

Thank you for Celebrating Earth Day with Chaé Organics. Enjoy 5% off your next order using code: EarthDay5%

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